Companies need to be able to rely on the data used as basis of their decisions. With TCD operating model, you can be sure of the reliability and timeliness of information for decision-making.



The mutual commitment of customers and suppliers produces the best possible result. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of our clients and personnel, we keep delivering on our customer promise.



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Analytics and reporting solutions

Our BI and reporting solutions can be used to produce the right information for better and more timely decisions.

Integrations with several source systems

Ensuring reliability of information

Customizable user groups

Setting goals and follow-up


TCD offers survey services with our software license or separately. Our software allows you to implement and report the results of surveys as well as to perform detailed cause-and-effect analyzes with the Analytics add-on.

Conducting traditional surveys

Support for different types of devices

Two-way integrations from other systems

Immediate feedback surveys on tablets

Risk assessments, feedback measurements, 360 surveys, personnel surveys (TOB) and other measurements

Survey invitations by e-mail, SMS and other systems

Strategy Tool

Strategy tool is used to make strategy visible and accessible to the entire staff. The key goal is to help the organization reach their future vision. In other words, our product allows the organization to get real-time and visual understanding how the strategic objectives and the operational measures attached to them help the organization reach its goals.

Consulting and training

Consulting and training services support your business development and various aspects of management development and training. Results are achieved by efficiently utilizing the data produced in information processing systems. Additionally, Our company designs and runs need-based management and work wellbeing development projects.


Eduapp is an application that groups together various vital information management services such as reporting, surveys and training services for training providers and institutions. Our products are used by several well-known training providers in Finland and have been developed in close collaboration with them.

This is how our clients describe our work

Our team works with companies from various industries and develops their skills in active cooperation with universities to be able to implement the latest technologies and models. Our experience and expertise ensure professional execution of all sizes of assignments.

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Management Consulting and Coaching

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Software Developer


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